7 wardrobe designs for small bedrooms

Before choosing a wardrobe and a wardrobe, you must first consider the overall area before making a decision. It is also the most foolproof way to discuss with a professional designer. Let’s take a look at these examples worthy of reference.

1. The two-story wardrobe is classic and versatile, and some displays can be placed on the countertop~

2. This small bedroom wardrobe is also a versatile model, suitable for a variety of color bedroom space ~

3. The design of the top cabinet ensures that the small bedroom has enough storage space~

4. Small wardrobe made of solid wood gives a small atmosphere to the small bedroom~

5. The solid wood bed combined with the platform can maximize the storage capacity.

6. The wardrobe with almost the same color as the wall has a low sense of presence and a wider sense of space.

7. The function of the wardrobe combined with the display cabinet is changeable.

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