Smart wardrobe new generation wardrobe, good destination for clothing

The era of intelligence has spread all over the life of our lives. With their existence, our life has been much more convenient, and many traditional lifestyles have been changed. Intelligence has become an era, and we are witnesses of this era. Looking forward to every breakthrough in technology, smart wardrobes are a good example of making our clothes a good place to go.

The specifications of the smart wardrobe vary. In terms of design style, there are many different types, but they all have many similarities, that is, combining the theory of the Internet of Things and the knowledge of big data and the application derived from the cloud platform, which has multiple sensors. .

When the water vapor in the closet is too high, it will sense the change in the closet through the humidity sensor, and then it will automatically adjust the temperature inside the cabinet, absorb the moisture, keep the freshness in the cabinet, and effectively prevent the cabinet from becoming moldy. From this point of view, we do not have to do it ourselves, and solve the problems we are concerned about.

The smart wardrobe is also equipped with remote control and remote control. It can still open the wardrobe even if you don’t need to open it manually, and it is silent to open the cabinet. It doesn’t affect people’s normal work schedule at all, it seems smart wardrobe. It is humanized.

There is also lighting inside, when the wardrobe is opened at night, it will automatically light up the lights, and the lights can also have a variety of different modes, eye protection, lighting, smart wardrobe will automatically identify the most beneficial to people With the best brightness, we can find what we want more clearly.

The classification of the wardrobe is the most difficult problem to solve, and the smart wardrobe solves this problem. There are many specifications in it, which are marked with different types of clothing. When we put it together, it is particularly easy, and it also has There is a drying function. When you put the clothes in the cabinet, you only need to press the button lightly, it will help you to dry, and it has the folding function.

The biggest bright spot in the whole wardrobe is that it has analytical ability. The system will automatically record some of the clothes you usually choose to identify your matching skills. When you don’t know what to wear the next day, the system will take the initiative. Remind you which clothes you can wear. In addition, a mirror is arranged on the outer surface of the cabinet, which acts like a mirror.

When standing in front of the cabinet, it will help you to match a lot of medium-sized clothes according to your body shape, hair style and seasons. Each click will be placed on your body to let you see the effect. This is very friendly to everyone who loves beauty. We can buy clothes in a more targeted manner, and it is suitable for others to wear, and no longer have to worry about buying clothes that are not suitable for them.

Smart wardrobe is a branch of smart home. We live at home every day, so we all want to have a comfortable harbor. Smart home can help us achieve this expectation.

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