Chooses a wardrobe like this, and the storage space is increased by 50%!

The wardrobe space is always not enough? Cover home teaches you to pick up the wardrobe and maximize the use of space!1: Customize the internal structureThe interior of the wardrobe can be adjusted as needed. Hanging rods, pull baskets, trousers, jewelry storage trays, pull-out mirrors… are very versatile and can be arbitrarily matched.

This kind of wardrobe can be adjusted and adjusted at will.The size can also be customized according to the size and height of the bedroom to achieve “fine seams”.2: Flexible internal space that is easy to adjust at any timeThe size of the wardrobe has a fixed modulus (for example, the width is fixed at 500, 800, 1000mm), and accessories such as drawers and hangers are also produced according to this set of parameters. If you want to adjust the internal structure for a year or two, you can easily buy the same specifications of accessories, and even match other brands.

▲ Internal parts can be exchanged and adjusted as long as the size specifications are the same3: Solid wood: it is a choice, not a merit

The cover home thinks that the most important thing about the wardrobe is the storage function. There are too many so-called solid wood wardrobes, the price is tens of thousands, the internal structure is a mess, not practical.What kind of situation is suitable for the finished wardrobe?Case 1: Unrestricted floor plan layoutFor most of the domestic units, the closet can only be placed on the wall on the side of the bedroom. The closet itself can’t hold the door frame tightly, and the position of the switch has to be left.

▲ When it is necessary to fit the wall into the wall, it is not suitable for the finished cabinet, unless the size is just right.

▲ Classic bedroom layout, so it is best to use the finished cabinetCase 2: A room that may change usageThe finished wardrobe is more flexible than the custom cabinet. In the future, it is convenient to change the use and layout of the room, and even remove it and move it to another room.Case 3: The secondary wardrobe that does not have the main storage function

▲ old-fashioned home that is not suitable for modern life, the decorative effect is greater than the practical effect

Many European and American houses have closets, but they also have a separate wardrobe in the bedroom, and some common items are used as a supplement to the main storage space (closet), called the “sub-closet”.

Master the following 4 tips, the wardrobe effect is twice the result with half the effort!1: The main wardrobe is as good as possible.

▲ The cabinet and the wall are the same color, the whole room looks quite neat

▲ “Big Ran” is very obvious, it makes people feel that the house is very small.For most of the “small bedroom halls”, it is recommended to choose a white wardrobe so that the cabinet can be “disguised” as a wall to make the room look bigger.The white wardrobe is also matched with all the furniture.2: Create a sense of embedding with ceilings and wallsIf the finished wardrobe is 10~20 cm to the ceiling, you can make a ceiling above the closet and directly reach the closet, which will immediately create the feeling of “embedded wardrobe”.

▲ There is a ceiling on the cabinet and a partition on the side. It will become refreshing and advanced!Calculated with a height of 2.7 meters and a cabinet of 2 meters wide, the basic construction cost of building false walls and ceilings is less than 500 yuan.3: finished cabinet + custom door panelYou can also ask the manufacturer to customize the production of the wardrobe door panel for you, and then install it on the finished cabinet. Can easily create the effect of the minimalist wardrobe door!

▲ The effect of the top doorEven the door panel can be taller than the cabinet, blocking the gap between the cabinet and the ceiling, pretending to be a separate cabinet. With the fake wall on the side of the closet, it is impossible to see that there are only half of the cabinet inside.4: These two kinds of door panels never go wrongThe beauty of the cabinet is all about the door panel. The choice of the door panel is unified with the style of the interior door. Like the interior doors, the two door panels are absolutely error-free: pure flat panels and door panels with square partitions.


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