How should we do the wardrobe storage?

T-shirts, skirts, sweaters, cotton clothes… As soon as the season is changed, the wardrobes at home have to be turned upside down by the clothes that have been robbed of the seasons. I can’t find clothes, I can’t find clothes, it’s really bad.

If you want to sort it out, the wardrobe is too small, how to collect it! It is simply impossible to start. In fact, if you learn the following several wardrobe expansions, you can make full use of the available space in the wardrobe, buy more clothes in the season, and clean and neatly store them.

When it comes to wardrobe storage, the most basic tool is naturally hangers. However, ordinary hangers can only hang a piece of clothing, and they are placed in the closet. They are full without hanging a few wardrobes. The clothes hanger is transformed into a body, and the folding hanger or the S-shaped hanger is used. When a few are used, more clothes can be accommodated in the same space. The multifunctional drying rack utilizes the vertical space skillfully. Hangers can hang up to eight pieces of clothes at one time. There are many provinces and provinces, and there is no need to fold clothes for double-sided clothes. Even wrinkled clothes such as shirts can be neat and wrinkle-free. Don’t mess with your storage~S-type multi-layer hangers come from Japan and the designer brand. This five-layer S-shaped hanger is more suitable for storing small clothes like pants and ties. Fold them in half and hang them on top, and they are equally neat and do not occupy the ground. High-strength welding process, integrated molding, bearing problems, no need to worry about ~ wardrobe will be layered

The spacing between many wardrobe partitions is relatively large, and the vertical space is more than enough after hanging a layer of clothing. It’s a pity to waste it. It can easily create several layers of storage space by installing some retractable layered partitions. The small pieces of clothing are stacked on top of each other, and the floor can be solved cleanly. The color of the partition is fresh and elegant, the length can be freely stretched, and the nail-free and seamless installation method will not hurt the wardrobe. This etravel wardrobe layered partition is a popular wardrobe expansion assistant~ according to the wardrobe The width is selected to the appropriate size, and the well-organized wardrobe is born.

The partition creates more storage space, but the fluffy clothes are still very much occupied, especially the pillow quilt. If it is not compacted, the cabinet will not fit. Use some storage baskets, first replace them with “plastic shaping”, put the clothes into different categories, and then put them into the cabinet will be more convenient ~ retro wrought iron storage basket ultra-stylish wrought iron basket, with thick wooden wear pad Whether it is the value of the face or the strength, this storage basket is nothing to say. Put the pillow quilt on the inside and tighten it tightly, and store it so easy! When you use it, you can put the basket directly on the line. You don’t have to put the wardrobe on the bottom. The clothes storage box can not only be stuffed, but also prevent mildew and moisture. For the little friends who live in the rainy and humid southern regions. It is more suitable to say that this kind of sealed storage box is more suitable. In the season, the clothes that are not used in the season are put in, and the next year is still as new. Equipped with a small storage box, it is convenient to store underwear and socks.

The above several measures “expansion” are very powerful, but casually put the clothes in, the cabinet still can not avoid the chaos of chaos. On the contrary, after the clothes are stacked and put in, the occupied wardrobe space will be small, and the clothes will not easily wrinkle. If it is too much trouble to fold the clothes, the folding board will have to be on the scene~ Creative and convenient folding board, one shop, two folds and three folds, convenient and quick, a few steps, a piece of clothing can be easily folded~ whether it is placed on the partition Still in the storage basket, it can be neatly ~ the spacing of this folding board can be adjusted freely, outside the shirt T-shirt, thick sweater cotton clothes, it can also get it ~ Get the above four wardrobe expansion, recognize Seriously, I really use the wardrobe space. I don’t have to worry about the wardrobe when I change the season. I want to buy it, I want to buy it. I say that every woman’s wardrobe will always have one less piece of clothing, but the girls are desperately buying and buying. Really consider the feeling of the wardrobe! Whenever there is an important event, no clothes can be found! Whenever I date with a male god, I can’t find clothes! As soon as I change the season, I still can’t find the clothes I want to wear! After picking and picking, it is said that there is always one less piece of clothing in each woman’s closet, but the girls are desperate to buy and buy, really consider the feeling of the wardrobe!

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