More than 4 thousand bedroom wardrobes! Do not push the door and cabinet, save money and be environmentally friendly!

When I renovated my home, I spent more than 4,000 to make a bedroom closet. I didn’t use the custom-made cabinet door as the ordinary people, and insisted on the so-called zero-formaldehyde sliding door and cabinet! In my opinion, as long as the plate will contain formaldehyde, it is only a matter of content. Home decoration, can reduce formaldehyde or minimize the harm of this substance. Customized this new wardrobe, saving money and environmental protection, formaldehyde? That is not there . All year round clothes and quilts can be stored, which is cheaper than custom furniture. Let’s share it for everyone.

Many people still stay at the woodworking site to lock the cabinet or the wardrobe custom-made sliding door wardrobe. As shown in the above figure, if you choose woodworking cabinets and custom-made sliding doors, you can avoid the problem that the sliding door is large and easy to deform. . Now more people are looking for a wardrobe store in the furniture store, the decoration style will be more uniform, but the sliding door rails are easy to hide dust, but also occupy the area.

Let’s take a look at the wardrobe of this custom-made room. After screeding the wall and painting it, the left side and the back side directly use the wall to make the cabinet. It is only necessary for the carpenter to make the cabinet on the right side, and then install the folding door. Just fine. Here, we must pay attention to let the merchants who make the door negotiate, determine the precise size, and keep the cabinet door installed. The best effect is to fit the folding door and the door when it is opened.

The wardrobe of the master bedroom can also choose the design of the cloakroom type, all of which are metal frame construction structures, completely zero formaldehyde. A cloakroom without a door is particularly suitable for this closed space without windows. You only need to install a partition door or a curtain on the outside, or you can choose a barn door with a high value. This way you don’t have to worry about dust.

This open-style wardrobe design, the important condition for installation is that only the load-bearing wall surface can be used . After all, the quilt and the jacket are added together, which is quite heavy. However, it can fully meet the storage needs of various clothes in the home life. The combination of partitions, hangers and storage baskets allows the clothes to be stored neatly, and can be designed by yourself, and can be removed and taken away!

The wardrobe or cloakroom made of this metal skeleton and partition can be said to be very flexible and convenient, and how to combine according to your own needs. Moreover, the partitions can also be classified according to the size of the clothes, and if necessary, each garment can be hung with a hanger. Xiao Bian suggested that if the clothes in the season are not worn for a long time, or put a dust jacket on the clothes.

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